☑️ GoHighLevel Vs PipelinePro Review – Which One Is Better?

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GoHighLevel Vs. Pipeline Pro review – If you’re wondering what the difference is between GoHighLevel and Pipeline Pro, this is definitely the video for you.

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I’ve been playing around with the GoHighLevel CRM, funnel builder, automated campaigns, etc. for the past few weeks and I love it so far.

But then I saw an offer from a company called Pipeline Pro offering a lifetime deal to what looked like the same exact thing as GoHighLevel, for only $37.

This obviously caught my attention because why would I pay $97 a month for something that I can pay a one time fee of $37 for?

So I looked into it.

I found out that Pipeline Pro is a whitelabel affiliate of GoHighLevel.

It says right at the bottom of their landing page that Pipeline Pro is powered by the GoHighLevel platform.

This is fine, as I have no problem with affiliate offers.

However, the lifetime deal doesn’t include all of the GoHighLevel features, specifically the Campaigns and the Conversations abilities.

This doesn’t make sense to me unless you only want the CRM portion of GoHighLevel and not that amazingly powerful follow up campaigns you can create that I believe is one of the best features of GoHighLevel.

So if you only want a CRM to manage your leads and maybe to replace Clickfunnels as your funnel builder, sure, it’s a good deal.

But not having access to the Campaigns ability kind of defeats the purpose.

It’s funny because if you purchase the Pipeline Pro lifetime deal, you’re immediately upsold to the $97 per month for “full” access to the software, which would include the campaigns and conversations abilities.

But if that’s the upsell, than why not just go straight to GoHighLevel?

Why pay for access to the same exact thing you can get a 2 week free trial to?

This part was pretty disappointing to me because when I watched their video on the Pipeline Pro sales page, I was under the impression that you get full access to the software for only $37.

But when you make the purchase, you’re upsold the $97 per month to get full access, which completely defeats the purpose of Pipeline Pro to begin with.

So in my opinion, GoHighLevel is the obvious choice.

Do you guys agree or am I missing something? Leave a comment and let me know.

Either way, I hope this video helps with your decision!

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