✅ GoHighLevel Tutorial ✅ How To Connect Your Facebook Lead Forms To GoHighLevel

This is a quick GoHighLevel tutorial on how to connect and integrate your Facebook Lead Forms right into GoHighLevel. This will allow you to send any leads you generate from your Facebook Lead Form ads into your GoHighLevel account, instead of having to download them from your business page and then import or use Zapier.

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Time Stamp ⌛
0: 00 Intro
1: 10 Make sure your Facebook Lead Form is published
1: 50 Connecting your Facebook Business Page to GoHighLevel
2: 38 GoHighLevel Facebook Lead Form Integration
3: 25 Connecting your Facebook Lead Form to a GoHighLevel Workflow
4: 11 Conclusion

The Facebook Lead Form native integration is just another feature that makes GoHighLevel such an awesome piece of software.

It saves you a ton of time having to manually download and then import your Facebook Lead Form leads into GoHighLevel, not to mention you then would have to add your leads to your workflow as well.

With this simple integration, your Facebook leads get sent right into GoHighLevel and can automatically trigger any campaign or workflow that you want.

But make sure you watch the entire video because I see marketers make some basic mistakes that will keep the GoHighLevel integration from working.

Things like making sure your Facebook Lead Form is actually published, that you’ve mapped your lead form fields, and have actually added your Facebook Lead Form as a trigger in your GoHighLevel workflow.

Once you have this setup, make sure to check out my tutorial above where I show the exact Facebook Lead Form strategy I use to generate leads in my own agency!

Hope this helps!

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