✅ How To Create A Landing Page With a Website Builder in 2021

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✅ Learn how to Create a Landing Page with Wix, the best website builder of 2021
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Video Timestamps:
0: 00 – Introduction
1: 33 – Logging Into Your Wix Account
2: 08 – Navigating the Wix Dashboard
2: 41 – Selecting A Landing Page Template
5: 42 – Manipulating the Wix Editor
6: 37 – Adjusting Landing Page Text
7: 30 – Call To Action Forms
8: 12 – Changing the Hero Image
9: 19 – Rebranding Your Landing Page
10: 09 – Adjusting Font Contrast
10: 38 – Breakdown of Wix Editor Bars
10: 58 – Recap
12: 18 – Conclusion
WIX is an online website building platform that provides you with hundreds of professional templates and an intuitive drag and drop editor, all designed to help you create your website exactly how you want.

A landing page is the very first thing that greets you when you visit a website. It has to grab the visitors attention and help them understand exactly what they should do next. Now that could be a call to action button, subscribe to a newsletter or buy a product. There are so many different ways to configure it and it all depends on why you want to create a professional landing page.

If visitors arrive at your website for the first time and are greeted by a bland page or even worse, a cluttered and confusing one, then they are more likely to click off and leave. The whole goal of a website is to have people visit it and interact with it, even if it’s just reading a blog or article. To help create the “stickiness” it’s important to use powerful hero images and clear, concise copy.

In this video tutorial I will show you how to create a professional landing page for your website. I will break down, step by step, why a landing page is so important to your website’s success. How to choose the right landing page template to get started with and how to turn that template into a professional landing page. All of this to further your understanding of utilizing Wix to create a custom professional website that stands out from the crowd.

So please be sure to follow along with the video so you can learn step by step. Or if you prefer, watch through the video and use the Link after the video to take the knowledge gained from this video and turn it into a clean, professional landing page for your website.Be sure to give the video a like if you find it helpful. Let me know down in the comments what kind of website that you built while following along! Subscribe to the channel for other helpful videos just like this one and as always, Thanks For Watching!!!


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Hope you enjoyed my How To Create A Landing Page With The Website Builder in 2021 video.

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