✅ How To Use GoHighLevel Forms To Grow Your Business ✅ My Top 3 GoHighLevel Form Strategies

In this GoHighLevel tutorial, I go through my top 3 GoHighLevel form strategies and how I’m using forms to grow/automate my agency, as well as how I’m using them for my SaaS clients as well. Highly recommend implementing these GoHighLevel form strategies in your business/agency.

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GoHighLevel Form Font Size Custom CSS Code:


font-weight: 400;
font-size: 20px;color:#000000;

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0: 45 Changing GoHighLevel form font sizes
2: 05 Using GoHighLevel forms in appointment calendars
4: 45 Using GoHighLevel forms to help onboard new clients
7: 38 Using GoHighLevel forms to convert more leads into clients
11: 35 Conclusion

Forms seem like a basic feature that wouldn’t have much more impact in your business than collecting emails to build your list.

But that’s definitely not the case.

There are some pretty cool and powerful ways to use GoHighLevel forms in your business to help automate not just your list building, but other parts as well.

The thing I show you in the video is how to adjust the font size in your forms using Custom CSS code to improve user experience.

In my opinion, the default font size for GoHighLevel forms is way too small.

So I use CSS to make it bigger and much easier to read.

The first actual strategy I implement regarding GoHighLevel forms is using them on my appointment calendars.

I like adding an appointment confirmation checkbox that people are required to check before booking the appointment, confirming that they will actually show up for the appointment.

Seems like a minor thing but it can have a big impact on your appointment show rate.

Next, I like using GoHighLevel forms for my client onboarding process.

After a new client signs up to my SaaS product, they’re immediately prompted to complete this onboarding form so I can get all of the information I need to customize their account for them.

This makes it easy for me to get the info I need and saves my new client a ton of time because we actually customize their account for them using the information they provide in the GoHighLevel form.

Finally, I use GoHighLevel forms in my SaaS product to help clients convert more leads into actual clients.

If clients can’t get a lead/prospect on the phone after multiple attempts, my SaaS product will send the prospect a series of emails containing a link to a form where they can provide the information my client needs in order to see if they qualify for their service.

This is a great way to get what you need to convert clients without speaking to the prospect on the phone.

So there are lots of different ways to use GoHighLevel forms, these are a just a few that I like and that have made a big impact in my agency.

Hope it helps!

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