✅GoHighLevel Tutorial✅ How To Use GoHighLevel Trigger Links To Convert More Leads

In this GoHighLevel tutorial, I show you how to use trigger links to help convert more of your leads into clients and customers. Once the trigger links are created, we’ll set up some simple GoHighLevel workflow automations to remind leads to complete the action they were going to take but didn’t finish when they originally clicked the link.

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0: 00 Intro
1: 25 Creating GoHighLevel trigger links
2: 43 Creating the trigger link workflow automation
7: 02 How to use GoHighLevel trigger links in your marketing
8: 22 Conclusion

This is a powerful automation strategy particularly for email marketing, but can work anywhere you’re using links.

GoHighLevel trigger links allow you to create automations targeted specifically to people who click on them.

For example, let’s say someone clicks on a link in your email follow up sequence that takes the person to your order form to purchase your product, but they don’t complete the purchase.

Because you used a trigger link, you can now create an automation in GoHighLevel to automatically send an email (and text, voicedrop, etc. depending on the contact information you have), reminding them to complete their purchase.

The email would of course contain the link back to your order form.

As I show you in the video, we set up the automation to wait for 20 minutes, and then have GoHighLevel check to see if the person completed the action by checking if the action tag was added to their contact profile.

If so, it ends the workflow. If not, it sends the follow up sequence.

This is a simple, yet very powerful way to convert more of your leads into clients and customers by simply reminding them to complete what they originally clicked on the link for.

Hope it helps!

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