✅GoHighLevel Tutorial✅Generate/Close More Leads Using a Custom Plan Marketing Asset in GoHighLevel

In this GoHighLevel tutorial, I show you how to generate and convert more leads by using what I call a Custom Plan Marketing Asset, which you can build inside of GoHighLevel very easily. I’ve been using Custom Plans in my marketing in multiple industries for years, and they work incredibly well.

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Time Stamp ⌛
0: 00 Intro
2: 05 Custom plan and funnel breakdown
7: 55 Creating the custom fields and form in GoHighLevel
12: 30 Putting your custom plan form in your funnel
14: 19 Creating your custom plan email in GoHighLevel
19: 50 Creating the custom plan email automation and sending the email
23: 50 Conclusion

This custom plan marketing asset I show you how to build inside of GoHighLevel in this video, is by far one of the most powerful assets I use in my marketing.

Instead of offering the traditional free quotes, consultations, etc. we offer this custom plan instead.

From a marketing standpoint, there is just something much more attractive to people about getting something customized specifically for their situation.

And of course, GoHighLevel makes it very easy to create this custom plan using their email and workflow builder features.

There are four main things you need in order to create this custom plan inside of GoHighLevel, which I show you how to do in the video:

✅ Custom fields
✅ Form
✅ Email template
✅ Workflow automation

And once you set this up, you can now use this incredibly powerful marketing asset over and over again to help you generate and convert more leads in your business.

Hope this helps!

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