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GoHighLevel snapshots are an incredibly powerful way to grow and scale your marketing agency. In this video I share multiple what I call “snapshot strategies” that I use to grow my own agency with GoHighLevel. These snapshot strategies will allow you to generate more leads, appointments, and sales, as well as drastically reduce the time it takes for client fulfillment.

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Time Stamp ⌛
0: 00 Intro
1: 22 Using GoHighLevel Snapshots as lead magnets
3: 06 Using GoHighLevel memberships to deliver your snapshots
5: 05 Selling GoHighLevel Snapshots
6: 11 Using GoHighLevel Snapshots to sell courses
8: 40 Using GoHighLevel Snapshots to reduce client fulfillment time

GoHighLevel snapshots are one of the most powerful features for marketing agencies that GoHighLevel offers, in my opinion.

The reason is because they create so many opportunities for you to grow and scale your marketing agency.

As you’ll see in the video, some of my favorites include:

✅ Creating free marketing snapshots as leads magnets that people can upload into their GoHighLevel account. This is not only a great way to generate leads for your marketing agency, but also grow your affiliate revenue with GoHighLevel as well.

✅ Sell more courses by creating everything students will need to succeed with your program. For example, building out all of their funnels, follow-up emails, appointment calendars, etc.

✅ Selling the actual GoHighLevel snapshot using a two step order form. I have multiple snapshots that I sell that add an additional revenue stream to my marketing agency.

✅ Significantly reducing the amount of time it takes for client fulfillment. This one was huge for me because I was spending a lot of time customizing my new clients content in GoHighLevel. Not anymore, especially since I discovered the power of GoHighLevel Custom Values.

These are obviously just a few ways you can use GoHighLevel snapshots to grow and scale your marketing agency.

But they’ve been very effective in helping me generate more leads, more sales, and save a ton of time in my agency.

Hope it helps!

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