➡️ How To Generate Life Insurance Leads Using Facebook Ads ☑️ New Campaign

This is a brand new life insurance facebook ad campaign I’m running for a client to generate more life insurance leads and so far, it’s doing very well. There have been a few updates from my original life insurance facebook ad video down below so make sure to watch the entire video.

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1: 15 The overall Facebook ad strategy
2: 17 Campaign results so far
4: 55 My favorite metric for analyzing Facebook ad campaigns
7: 00 Life Insurance Carousel Facebook Ad example
8: 10 Life insurance funnel and CRM overview

So far, this life insurance facebook ad is doing very well.

I am currently running a facebook lead generation campaign, which utilizes the facebook lead form.

In another campaign, I’m going to be sending people to an actual landing page. But for now, the lead form is doing well.

The key is to make sure you have a funnel to send your life insurance leads through.

It’s not enough just to fill out a simple form on facebook. It’s great that we’re building our list and we can email and retarget them, but we also want to proactively move leads through our sales process.

So once somebody fills out the form on facebook to request their free life insurance guide, they then have the opportunity to request what I call a Custom Life Insurance Plan.

This is essentially a free quote and asks them a series of pre-qualification questions.

They then provide their phone number and become an actual life insurance lead for you to contact.

This creates a much higher quality and higher intent life insurance lead.

So if you’re a life insurance agent and want to generate more leads using Facebook ads, I strongly recommend you implement this strategy into your marketing.

A full breakdown of how to create these types of campaigns is in the Life Insurance Lead Gen Academy.

Hope this helps!

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