➡️ How To Start a GoHighLevel SaaS Marketing Agency Part 5 ☑️ SaaS Client Experience Tips

Part 5 of this GoHighLevel SaaS Marketing Agency Course is about how to create an awesome experience for your SaaS agency clients. This includes not just how to provide great ongoing client support, but how to make sure SaaS clients never want to cancel.

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0: 50 Onboarding your SaaS clients
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8: 31 Video updates about your SaaS product
11: 03 Providing support for your SaaS clients
13: 50 Conclusion

Knowing how to prospect and acquire new SaaS clients is obviously important.

But knowing how to keep them and make sure they don’t cancel is a whole other ball game.

Being able to create an awesome experience for your SaaS clients is crucial to building a successful SaaS marketing agency.

This is ultimately what contributes to a low cancellation or “churn” rate.

One of the things I talk about in this training is how to onboard your SaaS clients.

You can have the best features in the world for your SaaS product, but if clients don’t know how to get started or it’s more difficult to start than they expected, it will lead to frustration, a lack of results, and eventually cancellation.

So having a seamless onboarding process for your SaaS agency clients it crucial.

Also having a robust members training area can create a much better client experience as well.

Having step-by-step training tutorials on not just how to use your SaaS product, but also strategies and techniques for growing your client’s business can make a world of difference in your SaaS clients experience.

So while this video is by no means an exhaustive list of how to create an awesome experience for your SaaS agency clients, it should provide some inspiration and ideas that you can expand on when it comes to creating the best experience possible.

So make it happen and enjoy the video!

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