🏘️ How She Sold $33 Million Worth Of Real Estate In A Year | Tessabella Jelten and Alaric Ong

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✨ Founder of Leadflow Agent: Done-for-you social media management service for Real Estate Agents, Brokers and Investors
✨ TBDigital: Direct response marketing agency. Some of her clients include HGTV Stars, 1M+ influencers, Airbnb, EXP & Realty One Group
✨ MySQFT Capital Fund – Real Estate Investing Gone-Green 🙂

🌟 1200+ agents coached
🌟 $33 million in Personal Residential Real Estate Sales in 2018 (All leads generated from INSTAGRAM + FACEBOOK)

🌟 Nationally Ranked Real Estate Marketing Speaker, Inman, Bigger Pockets, Lab Coat Agents, NAREP + More.

🌟 $18 Million managed Facebook Annual Adspend

🌟Flipped 23 homes as an 18 year old college student at ASU
🌠2019 top Social Media Agency Marketing
🌠2018 Best of our valley – Top Advertising Agency

✅ Have a strong established brand first, build it through value based content
✅ The magic is in having a strong personal brand
✅ Tell me more about your background
-She started when she was 18
✅ How do you generate leads for your own agency?
✅ How do you help your clients who are real estate agents generate leads?
-The angle is always different depending on the agent, the state they are doing business in is
✅ Series of ads
-Branding ads: Low cost high frequency
-Retargeting ads
-Automated webinars
-20 minute trainings can be their ad content. They get the content there and then.
-3 day challenges, 5 day challenges etc.
-They can opt in to a mini training
-E.g. Running ads about relocation, Download a relocation guide, follow up process can guide them
-500 people per day are relocating to Arizona
-Targeting their ads to other states and asking them to relocate to Arizona
-Using Clickfunnels
-Used to do wordpress
✅ How is your team like?
✅ How do you prevent your ad accounts from getting banned
✅ Take me through your client onboarding process
✅ 2 main departments
-Lead Flow Agent: Distributing organic content etc.
-TV Digital: Helping higher level clients
✅ 12 pillars and the client can choose 4
-Personal vs engagement
-Coming soon…
-Local highlights
✅ What advice would you give to an agent who is just getting started
✅ Take me through some numbers, how much does a lead normally cost?
✅ What is a day in your life like?
✅ What do you do after creating content?
– Refine your niche, find a space to focus on
– Be the go to person for that niche
✅ You just need 30 transactions a year, and that’s a pretty solid year.
✅ Instead of focusing on getting new leads, you should focus on deepening the relationships with your current audience.
✅ After spending millions of ads for real estate, what’s the best way to run ads?
– Retargeting your audience and creating lookalikes
– Doing a longer form content, driving them to a mini course.
✅ Why she SELDOM runs ads directly to listings
✅ An ad that works well: “Opt in here for a list of homes that are under $350,000”
Take a nice looking picture of a property and show them

Clubhouse: @tessaabellaa

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