📅 GoHighLevel Tutorial ✅ How To Build An Appointment Funnel Using GoHighLevel

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In this GoHighLevel Tutorial, I show you step-by-step how to build an awesome and simple appointment funnel inside of the GoHighLevel software.
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Time Stamp:

0: 00 Intro
0: 50 Syncing your Google Calendar to GoHighLevel
1: 05 Creating your GoHighLevel appointment calendar
4: 38 Creating the appointment funnel in GoHighLevel
21: 00 GoHighLevel automations to increase your appointment show rates
30: 20 Conclusion

Building an appointment funnel inside of GoHighLevel is incredibly easy.

It literally takes us only about 30 minutes to set one up in this video!

But the way I set up my appointment funnels in GoHighLevel will allow you to generate much higher quality appointments because people are consuming a small piece of your content first.

This shows a lot more intent from the prospect and creates what I call a slight Celebrity Factor that makes the prospect feel like they already know you even before the speak to you.

I also show you some simple automations you can set up in GoHighLevel that can significantly increase your appointment show rates and that connect directly to your appointment funnel.

Hope this GoHighLevel tutorial helps you with your appointment funnel and allows you to generate a consistent flow of appointments in your business!

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