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This is part 2 of my GoHighLevel power dialer system where we create some really powerful follow-up automations for your power dialer inside of GoHighLevel. It’s going to allow you to automatically send an email, text message, and voicemail to any leads that don’t answer the phone, as well as keep your power dialer leads organized.

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Time Stamp ⌛
0: 00 Intro
1: 20 Creating a pipeline for your power dialer
2: 30 Creating the email, text, and voicemail automation workflow
8: 30 Power dialer automation breakdown
9: 50 Creating the Completed automation workflow
11: 30 Re-adding leads who don’t answer back into your power dialer

Assuming you watched part 1 of this series and have your power dialer created in GoHighLevel, this video is going to take your power dialer to the stratosphere.

The automations we’re going to build in this video will allow you to automatically send a follow-up email, text message, and voicemail to any prospect in your power dialer that doesn’t answer the phone.

I think it goes without saying that this will significantly increase the number of leads you get in touch with, appointments you book, and leads you convert.

You’re already putting in the time with your power dialer to consistently call your leads. You might as well maximize that time by putting automations in place that are going to help you convert more leads.

We’re also going to build an automation for your power dialer that organizes all of your leads into those that answered your call and those that didn’t.

Obviously those that don’t answer will receive your email, text, and voicemail.

But we’re also going to put them into a specific stage in your pipeline so you know at a glance who’s answered and who hasn’t.

This is going to allow you to very easily re-add any prospects who didn’t answer back into your power dialer when you’re ready to run it again.

Yeah, GoHighLevel lets us do some pretty awesome stuff.

So definitely get this in place for your power dialer asap guys! Hope it helps!

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