🔥 GoHighLevel Tutorial: How To Create High-Converting Emails Inside Of GoHighLevel

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In this GoHighLevel Tutorial, I cover how to create a high-converting email template using the HTML Builder inside of GoHighLevel that will help you convert more of your leads with email marketing. This is the exact email template design I use in almost every email marketing campaign I create because it increases click through rates, which increases conversions. The HTML Builder inside of GoHighLevel gives us everything we need to create an awesome email template.

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The GoHighLevel HTML Email Builder is a powerful GoHighLevel feature that allows you to build high-converting email templates.

The email template I show you how to build in this tutorial is the exact email template I’ve been using for a long time for both myself and my clients/students.

It works incredibly well at converting more of your leads into customers/clients.

But like any new software you start using, GoHighLevel is no different in the sense that it can be frustrating to learn how to use in the beginning, which is why I made this tutorial.

I show you the one thing that was holding me back from customizing the email template the way I want and how to fix, hopefully saving you many hours of frustration.

The only downside so far to the GoHighLevel HTML Email Builder is that you can’t copy/duplicate the email template once you have it customized.

You have to start over every time you want to create a new email.

Hopefully this is something GoHighLevel will fix in the future, as it seems to me to be a pretty basic feature that they should have.

I hope you enjoy this first of many GoHighLevel tutorials and that it helps you convert more of your leads into paying clients and customers!

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