🔴 LIVE | How to Structure Your SaaS & SaaS Demos with Nik Robbins

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Learn how to do SaaS Demos & how to structure your SaaS! We also discuss SaaS Client Retention!

This Friday at noon CDT, I’ll be interviewing Nik Robbins, who will be sharing:

– How his agency has done over $10 million in agency revenue
– They sold over 600 medical doctors
– He’s coached over 200 agency owners on how to start/ scale marketing agencies

Recently he has pivoted to SaaS agency model recently and closed 19 high ticket clients in the last 4 weeks

He’ll be pulling back the curtain and sharing these exact strategies!

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Automations Accelerator Mastermind: m

0: 00 Intro
0: 30 Nik’s Introduction
01: 18 Q: “How do you use High Level?”
05: 03 Q: “How do I make this more sticky?”
08: 47 Q: “Demo or no demo?”
12: 13 Q: “How do you structure your pitch decks?”
19: 08 What are the problems our clients are facing?
23: 19 “We only sell the results/solutions. Never the “how”
25: 17 Q: “How long does adoption and onboarding take for a new front end?”
27: 27 Q: “Forced adoption and forced result”
30: 36 Q: “Is it possible to build a sale process within a video funnel/automation and don’t need to talk to the client directly?”
33: 24 Q: “How do you determine which features to give to a user?”
35: 36 Q: “Any tips on some offers to make when in lockdown for a Saas agency”
40: 01 Upcoming features on GHL
41: 45 Anecdotes
50: 39 Final thoughts


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