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If you use GoHighLevel to run an agency or sell a SaaS product, this is definitely a tutorial you want to watch. In this tutorial, I go through how to create and add your own custom menu links to your GoHighLevel platform. I also show you the custom menu links I’ve added to my own SaaS product to increase value.

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Adding custom menu links to your GoHighLevel sidebar is an incredibly powerful way to customize your agency/SaaS products and services to increase the value you offer to your clients and customers.

GoHighLevel custom menu links are also a great strategy for upselling additional services, selling affiliate products, etc. because they are very easily accessible to your clients.

#1: They don’t have to go to a different website to learn more about what you’re offering. They can simply click the tab on the sidebar and learn more about what you’re offering.

#2: Because your customers will likely be logging in every day to manage their leads, they see your offers much more frequently. And I don’t have to tell you that when you increase the frequency of how many times your leads/customers see your offers, the more likely you are to convert/upsell them!

That’s why custom menu links are one of my favorite GoHighLevel features because they allow you to customize and upsell your products and services, as well as increase the value by offering things like live chat support, membership training areas, etc.

So if you’re an agency and/or SaaS product owner using GoHighLevel and you want to greatly increase the value of the products and services you offer your clients and customers, I highly recommend adding some custom menu links to your GoHighLevel sidebar.

Hope this helps!

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