046: Tactical Tips to Move the Needle in SaaS Copywriting with Josh Garofalo (Sway Copy)

Good copywriting is about persuasion, not manipulation. It’s getting someone to do something that’s in their best interest through writing. And it’s the “best interest” part that’s important.

Effective website copy moves people from Point A—where they are now—to Point B, where things will be better for them.

SaaS Consultant & Copywriter Josh Garofalo has spent several years learning what does and doesn’t work when it comes to website copy with his business, Sway Copy. In this episode, he explains the human-centered tactics that are a win-win for both company and customer.

Show Topics
— Persuade, don’t manipulate
— Leverage tactics with empathy
— Amp up your testimonials
— Nail your headlines and keep features together
— Put your value first on your pricing page
— Show what gaps you fill


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