#1 What is Discovery in ServiceNow | Overview of Discovery | ServiceNow Discovery Training

This is a new training for Discovery in ServiceNow. In this training you will learn about Discovery and How it is implemented in ServiceNow. This training targets ServiceNow Administrators, ServiceNow Developers, ServiceNow Product Owners and ServiceNow Implementers who wants to implement Discovery application for their client and customers. By the end of this training You will have good understanding of Discovery and you will be able to implement discovery application in ServiceNow for your or customers and clients.

In this video you will learn:
– What is ServiceNow Discovery?
– Why we need Discovery?
– Architecture of Discovery
– Components of Discovery
– Types of Discovery
– Phases of Discovery

In this course we will cover the topics like
– Overview of ServiceNow Discovery
– MID Server
– Discovery Applications and Modules
– Credentials and Behaviors
– Probes , Sensors and Patterns
– Phases of discovery
– Discovery Configuration and Setup
– Troubleshooting

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