10 design tips in Bubble.io | Styling a meditation app landing page

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We look at styling a landing page for a meditation app.

We used Frames ( to create the initial layout and share 10 design tips to approach the styling.

Demo: e

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00: 00 Design doesn’t need to be hard
00: 27 Set up your color palette for easy access
00: 40 Remove the backgrounds of photos for more dramatic looks
00: 50 Pair fonts for an elevated look
01: 08 Set up styles to work faster
01: 26 Use header transitions for extra polish on the page
01: 40 Break out the container with full width blocks
01: 50 Use “Shrink text spacing” for adapt text to available space in Bubble
02: 08 Break out of the container using negative positiioning
02: 30 Have fun with spacing for changing pace of the page
02: 42 Using subtle text animations
03: 06 What all good landing pages have in common

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