10 Minute Lead Funnel Tutorial – Create a Lead Magnet Funnel SUPER FAST

Feeling stuck when it comes to creating a lead funnel? Then, I have the perfect solution for you. At you can EASILY create a lead magnet funnel (stress-free and fast).

In this video, we are walking you through a lead generation tutorial. We’ll show you the steps it takes to create a lead funnel fast. By the end, you’ll understand how to effectively create a form where people can grab your lead magnet and get onto your email list!

👀 See what we can do AND fine lead magnet templates!

How to Create a Lead Magnet Funnel:
00: 00- Intro
0: 38- Create Lead Opt-In Form
2: 17- Make Sure you have a Lead Magnet
2: 43- Create Two Page Funnel
5: 18- Create a Thank You Page
7: 03- Check all Setting are Correct
7: 53- Install Pixel or Tracking Codes

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