239 – How to ask for REFERRALS the right way, with Barb Betts

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You’ve heard about it. You believe it can work for you. But how exactly do you DO relationship marketing? This week’s guest is Barb Betts, and she knows that like anything else in a successful business, you need to put a system in place if relationship marketing is going to work. Listen to Barb as she explains how she builds trust, why she never asks for referrals, the importance of categorizing the people in your “list of relationships,” and the value in training your sphere on how to give referrals.

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[2:09] Preview
[2:53] Barb’s business journey
[7:56] New agents and the “problem” of relationships and trust
[11:35] How Barb earns trust
[13:45] Determining the most effective communication channels
[15:34] Barb’s secret weapon for getting a response
[16:34] How Barb uses postcards
[19:12] Barb’s unique approach to CTAs and “referrals”
[23:31] Consistency is key to relationship marketing
[28:10] Relationship marketing demands authenticity
[32:22] How Barb determines the proper number of touchpoints
[35:54] Training clients to provide you with referrals
[39:24] Barb’s routines and habits
[41:19] Barb’s advice
[44:33] Action Item

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