3 SaaS Pricing Mistakes Every Beginner Makes

When starting a business, you always think about the best way to price your product. Should it have a free trial? Maybe a free plan? What should be the top pricing plan?

It’s kind of scary to think about and you don’t know where to start.

People sometimes think ‘I’m gonna charge $9.99 and people will love it!’ but the truth is that as things scale up and you start optimizing things, you’re going to LOSE A LOT OF EXTRA REVENUE. 💸

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In this video:
00: 00 Intro
01: 59 Mistake #1: not offering a free plan/trial
02: 43 Free trial
04: 49 Free plan
07: 07 Mistake #2: charging a flat rate every month
08: 12 Benefit #1: keep the pricing fair
09: 15 Benefit #2: scale up your pricing
09: 55 Extra tip: a combination of pricing methods
10: 48 Mistake #3: not updating your pricing plans

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