3 Sales Funnels That Earned Over $2,000,000 Revealed! PLUS What Traffic Sources Work Best

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Which sales funnel should you be funnel hacking to scale your online business fast? This video reveals the 3 funnels I’ve used to generate more than two million dollars online.

Table Of Contents For This Funnel Video:
1) Sales Funnel Software – 0: 28
2) Funnel #1 – Cold traffic, self-liquidating funnel – 1: 20
3) Funnel #2 – Membership Funnel – 4: 13
4) Funnel #3 – My Most Profitable Funnel – Simple 8: 14
5) The #1 Reason Why Our Funnels Work So Well – 10: 39
6) Why Most People Don’t Make Any Money!!! – 11: 32

It is important to clarify here… Just in case you skipped #1 above 😉 … You don’t need Russel Brunson’s fancy sales funnel software to build these out!

Instead you can build your funnel on WordPress with a simple funnel theme creating an inexpensive DIY Sales Funnel.

Here’s my video series on how to build a sales funnel :

With over 100 iterations and split tests on these funnels, the truth is that the “one funnel away” marketing ploy is just a lie:

You will also see how I use funnel stacking to link these sales funnels together to maximize my lifetime customer value.

The first sales funnel is a self liquidating offer funnel. It starts with an opt in page and the thank you page is an OTO or One Time Offer.

Since this has the opt in as the first goal it is more of a marketing funnel but it transitions to a sales funnel on the OTO page.

After the user checks-out for the special offer you present a one-click-upsell to increase the average customer value and lifetime value more.

The second funnel is a membership funnel which is the best way to grow recurring income fast. I do a deeper dive into the membership sales funnel in this video:

Finally you will see the most valuable funnel in our business… How we make money online

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