4 Access Models for Courses and Memberships – Episode 115 LMScast

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There are several ways people can access your online courses or memberships. This LMScast describes 4 access models for courses and memberships, and you’ll learn how to choose the right ones for your applications.

The first access model is lifetime access. It’s best for evergreen reference content that doesn’t change and doesn’t require direct interaction. It can help you make the sale, but it’s not scalable. If your content requires updates and support then consider sustainability before offering lifetime access.

The second access model is limited time access expiration. It’s a temporary contract that lasts for a set period of time and then ends. The user is deleted from the course, but their account remains available if they want to take another course from you.

Third is the specific access window with a start and end date for everyone taking the course. It’s a great way to train a group within a set time limit. And the fourth access model is the specific launch, or ability to buy window, in which you set a limited time to buy. This works well for launching a new course. You can also combine the specific access window with the specific launch window, and even layer your access models with payment models.

These 4 access models for courses and memberships are built into LifterLMS so you can create and sell your online courses using just one solution. For more details on access models visit the LifterLMS blog at /

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