4 Only Course Platforms You Need to Consider [in 2021]

If you’re searching for the very best online course hosting platform, you need look no further. Here’s your quick overview of the 4 platforms to consider for hosting your online courses.
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Half a year ago, I was sitting at my desk, sifting through all the course platform websites, their reviews, tutorials, videos and free trials. And slowly, I came to a boring conclusion.. they’re all pretty similar.

I saw subtle differences in nitty-gritty details like “number of active students” and “transaction fees”. Super boring feature talk, and nothing that moved the needle or my gut feel about what online course platform to bet on for hosting my animation courses.

So, how did I make up my mind in the end? I went for the one that seemed to save me the most time! Which course hosting platform is the most simple? THAT is the one I want!

Great, so Kajabi it is. But.. Why did exactly Podia, Thinkific and Teachable make it into this top 4 comparison of course platforms? Easy; they all simplify in a professional and delightful way that gives both students and admin a great experience.

The best place to host an online course is where you deal the least with the platform and the most with your students and courses, right?

So instead of doing a Podia review, Thinkific review, Teachable review and Kajabi review, I’ve made a high-level meta comparison video with pros and cons for each platform at the end of each section.

Hope it helps you in deciding on the best online course platform for you!

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