#45 – The Wise and Joyous, Tommy Chong!

Tommy Chong has a secret. He must. How else could he have created a career that has spanned decades across music, live performances, television, movies, entrepreneurship and more?

How else could he have become one of the few positive voices around an issue like marijuana legalization (and by extension personal freedom) and stuck around long enough to see it succeed?

How else could he be locked in a prison cell over parefenalia charges and not only emerge with a best-selling book but describe the experience as a Spiritual Retreat?

Tommy seems to have talent in many many different things, but through all of his success, there is a common theme… He is a master of spreading joy and creativity to the world.

Today we have the honor of hearing Tommy’s story and a bit of his wisdom… and MAYBE… If we’re very lucky… we will learn a little bit about his secret!


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