451 Research: A Better Way to Manage Multiple SaaS Apps – The New SaaS Operations Management Market

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SaaS applications are proliferating within and across enterprises in all industries.

Cloud-based office applications (like G Suite and Office 365) have very limited management services that expose and control productivity tools to enterprise employees. But the management of multiple SaaS applications, and the employees that use them, has been overlooked.

BetterCloud has decided a new IT market needs to be served with an emerging set of capabilities for SaaS operations management. BetterCloud addresses this new IT challenge—how to automate and govern the IT administrative blind spots related to the use of multiple SaaS applications.

In a nutshell, SOM consists of automating the operational admin and security tasks that an IT org needs to do to keep their SaaS applications running effectively in their environment. This translates to first defining acceptable use policies for SaaS apps and then using a platform to execute those policies—essentially being able to create, enforce, and optimize everyday usage policies for mission critical SaaS applications.

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