4X Profit From Your Marketing Funnel (3/16/2016)

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– Intro

– 3 Facts Costing You Money (Or In Our Case, Opportunities To Make More Money)

– Targeted Campaigns Have 77% Larger Reach, 387% Higher Conversion and 56% Less Cost (Relevance)

Facebook Rewards Relevance

– Want people to be happy receiving ads so they don’t get pissed off and leave

– What Is Relevance Score

– AdEspresso Article on impact

– How To Take Advantage Of This

– Make Ad Targeting As Laser Focused As Possible

– The More You Can Drill Down The Better

– Use Dog Whistle Copy To Call Out Audience

– Speak to audience specific to where they are in the funnel

– Make images relevant to the audience
– Maintain ad scent

– People Who See Both Email and Ads Are 70% More Likely To Convert (Salesforce)

– Ads 101 – Big brands run same ad campaign across multiple mediums (print, TV, radio, digital) Why?

– It has always been true that the more medium, the higher the impact

– How To Take Advantage

– Run Facebook Ads and Emails With Supporting Copy and consistent landing pages

– This webinar as an example

– Ran four day email campaign

– Had influencers email their lists

– Ran ads simultaneously to everyone who had visited my website in last 180 days

– Social media campaign on FB, LI and Twitter with same copy and images

– Leaky Buckets Cost 40% of Campaign Profit

– What are leaky buckets

– Will show you more about leaky buckets and how to plug those leaks in next section …

– 7 Step System For Facebook Advertising Success

– What Are 7 Steps?

– Step 1 – Pixel Everything in Sight

– Step 2 – Map Customer Journey

– Step 3 – Create Custom Audiences

– Step 4 – Integrated Campaigns

– Step 5 – Plug Leaky Buckets

– Step 6 – Measure The Results and Iterate

– Step 7 – Scale the campaigns

– Step 2 – Map Your Customer Journey

– Step 3 – Create Custom Audiences

– What is a custom audience (hope you reviewed Great Guide beforehand)

– Create website custom audiences

– Create CRM custom audiences

– Show examples in Sync2CRM and Facebook

– Step 4- Integrated Campaigns

– Walk through the campaign worksheet

– Step 5 – Plug Leaky Buckets

– Walk ThroughPower Boosters

– Sync2CRM Demo (6 minutes)

– What makes this possible is Sync2CRM

– Demo video

– Q&A (6: 25)

– Closing Remarks

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