5 Clever Ways to Use Video to Improve Your Marketing Funnel

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How is your marketing funnel performing?

If your answer is, “It’s fine… but it could be better,” I hear you.

Of course you want to make the most of your funnel. Of course you want as many qualified leads, hot prospects, and eager customers as possible!

But you also don’t want to mess with the good thing you’ve already got going. If only there was a way to take your existing funnel, as it is, and add some extra oomph to it…

Oh wait, there is! 5 ways, no less — and all of them involve video.

In today’s article, you will learn:

How to optimize your video ads for maximum lead generation
How to make an amazing first impression on each new lead
The best types of marketing videos for educating and converting prospects

And more. Let’s get to it!

1. Drive more traffic to your landing page with video ads

I know, I know — you think I’m about to give you some painfully obvious advice you already know. Create a marketing video, deploy it as an ad, and use it to drive traffic to your landing page…

Nah, I have something better to share with you! I’ll show you how to engineer your video ad to drive more traffic and leads into your funnel.

You see, most companies never bother with optimizing their marketing videos for lead generation — so predictably, they get subpar results.

You’re going to be the exception! Here’s how…

First, you want to “harmonize” the visuals and the messaging of your video ad and your landing page. You want the transition from one to the other to be as seamless as possible, so it doesn’t confuse your leads and interrupt the conversion process.

Design your landing page with the same colors, graphics, and logos as your video ad. Keep the look as congruent as you can. And most importantly, use the same language and tone to communicate your value proposition.

Next, optimize your video ad to the platform you’ll be using it on. For example, if you’re running it on Instagram or Facebook, you want to use subtitles — because social media ads often autoplay with sound off. For the same reason, you want your visuals to be as clear as possible, so the viewers can understand the story even with no sound.

Also, whatever platform you’re using, make sure to end your video ad with a crystal-clear call to action. Your ad has one job — getting people to click through and move further into your marketing funnel. A specific, urgent call to action will boost your clickthrough rate and give you a better ROI on your ad spend.

Finally, remember that most of your visitors won’t turn into leads right away. People often need to see the same offer multiple times before they bite. That’s normal. Now, you can throw more cold traffic at the problem… or you can set up a retargeting campaign, giving your “warm” visitors another opportunity to convert.

2. Put a video on your thank you page to make a solid first impression

You probably know already that featuring a video on your landing page can boost conversions by as much as 20%. But did you know that your thank you page can benefit from video as well?

Now, when I say thank you page, I’m referring to either of these two:

The page your customers see immediately after they subscribe to your list, or…

…the page they see after confirming their subscription, if you’re using double opt-in.

Both of these can be improved with video — just in slightly different ways. So let’s talk about them!

For a standard thank you page, you want to have a video that does two things. First, thank the customer for subscribing. Giving you their contact details was a gesture of trust — so acknowledge this and validate their decision.

Then, tell them what the next step is. If they need to confirm their subscription, explain how exactly to do that. If you’re not using double opt-in, take this time to show your customer how to whitelist your email address so they don’t miss future emails from you.

Finally, very briefly, get them excited about what comes next! Usually it’s whatever you promised them for subscribing: weekly emails, a freebie, a free consultation, etc. Remind your customer that the valuable thing is still coming, so they can look forward to it.

For a “subscription confirmed” kind of thank you page, your video needs to do two things:

Confirm that the link or button they clicked has worked properly, and they’re subscribed to your email list now.

Explain what comes next, just like we already talked about. Get your customer excited and looking forward to all the value they will receive!

These videos don’t need to be complicated. Recording a screencast, or even just talking into your webcam for 20-30 seconds is enough. You can be fancy if you want to, but the beauty of this strategy is simplicity!

3. Use video to boost your lead nurture efforts

The #1 reason to use video when nurturing new leads is simple:

Emails with “video” …


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