5 of 5 How to Build an eBook Funnel Inside GoHighLevel CRM – The Automation

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In part 5 of this 5-part series, I will show you how to create the automation workflow inside High Level to deliver the eBook, tag the record and notify you of your new subscriber.

Recently, I created a mini-training course for my private clients.

The topic is how to build an eBook or a giveaway funnel inside the High Level software.

In this 5 part series we cover:

Part 1: How to Create the Opt-in Form
Part 2: How to Create the eBook Funnel
Part 3: How to Make Your eBook Shareable
Part 4: How to Create a Trigger Link to Track Clicks
Part 5: How to Create the Automation to Deliver the eBook

By the end of this short series, you’ll have the skills you need to build an eBook or giveaway funnel inside High Level.

Then you can snapshot it and install it in your own business or if you’re an agency into your client’s businesses.

These are the assets that when you deploy them in your business allow you to add more value and scale faster.

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