5 SIMPLE Landing Page Optimization Tips to Skyrocket Your Conversion Rates (Do These Now)

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Want to skyrocket your conversion rate with some landing page optimization tips?

In this video I reveal to you the 5 simple tips to boost your landing page conversion rates and make more sales.

These tips will work no matter your landing page is like currently – it’s not a design tutorial, just steps you can take right now.

Table of contents:

0: 00 – Introduction
0: 20 – Results you can achieve with higher conversion rates
3: 00 – Tip #1
3: 55 – Tip #2
6: 06 – Tip #3
7: 44 – Tip #4
9: 58 – Tip #5

Part 1: Results you can achieve with higher conversion rates

It’s pretty straightforward – higher conversion rates is the cheapest way to make more money.

If you’re sending 100 people to your landing page and 5 of them convert, you’re spending money on the remaining 95 people who don’t.

But what if instead of 5 people who convert, 40 convert? Now you’re spending on 40 GOOD leads and only wasting money on the 60 who didn’t – way more efficient use of your money.

I gave some landing page suggestions to some clients of mine and they have seen improvements in their performance.

That means an increase in their conversion rates and ultimately sales.

So I combined a short list of 5 things I most commonly see with your landing pages that you can improve and boost your conversions. So pay attention to these and take action right away!

Tip #1:

This is the simplest landing page optimization tip.

High quality images are VERY important and you shouldn’t dismiss that fact.

Always only use high-quality images. Buy them if you have to, but using poor quality images will drastically hurt your conversion rates, so just don’t put an image at all instead of a low-quality one. You won’t regret it.

Tip #2:

Get rid of any and all distractions on your page.

That means if you have a big menu at the top of your landing page – remove it.

If you have more than one call to action – remove them.

Focus on ONE call to action – what’s the main thing you want people to do? Call you? Enter their details? Start live chat? Find one and stick with it. Make that button crystal clear and avoid everything else.

That’s why when I run paid ads for my website, I don’t run them to ivanmana.com – I build out a separate landing page specifically for paid traffic.

Tip #3:

You want people to click on the button or sign up on your landing page right?

So make it easy for them and make sure your button is “above the fold”, meaning at the top of the page, so the user does NOT have to scroll to see it.

Most users won’t scroll at all, so you have to make the button really easy to see and click on.

It’s fine and actually great to have multiple actions throughout your landing page, but you must have the main one above the fold on your page.

Tip #4:

DON’T be too clever with your headline.

Make it concise, clear, straight to the point.

Any marketing 101 book will tell you that you should speak in layman’s terms to the average customer. If you try to be too smart to the point where you lose the user… well, you lose the potential customer too.

So make it quick, straight to the point. I saw some pages where you added multiple headlines, multiple descriptions and so on.

No need to do that. Keep it clean and just have one headline, maybe a subheadline too, but that’s it.

Tip #5:

A call to action button is meant to be.. well… a call to action button.

This means you need to make sure that you make it easy for the user to click.

Saying something like “Submit” on the button won’t do much good – it’s too boring and not pushy enough for the user to click.

Instead, as Neil Patel says, imagine the words “I want to…” just before the text on your button and then fill in the blanks.

For example:

I want to… get free guide now
I want to… download guide now
I want to… get instant access now
I want to… watch free video now

And so on, you get the idea.

If you recall my videos on paid ads and how I like to include a call to action in headline part 2, the same principle follows.

You want to incline people to do something because if you don’t tell them to do something… they won’t!

And these are the 5 simple landing page optimization tips you can take action on right now to skyrocket your conversion rates!

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