5 Stages to Build your SaaS Sales Funnel and Scale your Startup

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During this video, you will learn the 5 stages to build a SaaS sales funnel using marketing automation. So if you have a software product and you want to build an automated evergreen sales funnel then this is your funnel. We are going to build our Relationship Funnel to grow your business building authentic relationships with marketing automation then this is your sales funnel.

For whom is this funnel? 0: 36
Funnel Stages 1: 24
Awareness Stage 2: 08
Relationship Stage 4: 35
Sales Stage 9: 58
Expansion Stage 12: 00

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At Wild Audience we believe that business are relationships. And that is why Wild Audience with all its products is positioned as “helping companies build authentic relationships with marketing automation to grow their business”.

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