5 STEPS to Running a Successful Real Estate MARKETING FUNNEL

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Gabriel Baron here to give you 5 quick steps to running a successful Real Estate Funnel!

1. Create a Landing Page
You’ve been hustling to raise awareness around your brand, the next step is to capture leads. A landing page is a great place for prospects to learn more about what you have to offer and gives you an authoritative advantage over your competition.

2. Create a Form within the Landing Page
Now that you’ve got users clicking onto your landing page, the next step is to capture their information. You can entice a user by offering a free CMA or by a Showing Request.

3. Send Your New Lead a Follow Up
When you’ve generated leads by collecting information from your landing pages, it’s time to follow up with those potential clients. Send them a quick email letting them know you have received the request and will begin working on fulfilling their CMA or Showing Request. The point of this step is to start a relationship between you and this prospect.

4. Nurture Your Leads
This step keeps you in their face and in their mind. You can connect with prospects to learn about the kinds of properties they’re interested in. Follow up with periodic updates on new listings and market trends to keep them engaged and coming back to your site.

5. Don’t Let Leads Get Away! RETARGETING!
When a lead doesn’t convert into a client, that’s OK — there’s still room for you to follow up and keep trying. Use all this new data to further solidify and optimize your marketing strategy and explore new mediums of advertising.

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