5 Ways to Boost Your YouTube Channel (both free and paid)

Have you ever wondered how to boost views and get more attention to your YouTube channel? Don’t worry, Jan knows! In this video, he will talk about free and paid ways to increase YouTube views.

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00: 00 – How to Boost YouTube Views
00: 42 – YouTube SEO
01: 55 – Collaborations
02: 33 – Website, Social Media, Newsletter
03: 16 – YouTube Ads
03: 55 – Facebook Ads
04: 24 – Summary

5 Ways to boost YouTube views.

1. YouTube SEO: YouTube SEO means that you’re trying to be found on a specific term in the youtube search. Why is it beneficial? If you rank high, you can get consistent clicks month after month. The first step for YouTube SEO is figuring out which search terms people are looking for. One easy way to do it is to use the YouTube autosuggest feature. If you type something into your YouTube search bar, you will see suggestions popping up. These terms are the ones that people are searching for.
Tubics has a feature called “tag generator” which would provide you with the combined data from different search engines about most relevant terms for your videos.
After you figured the search term, you need to create a video for this topic. Once you upload the video, you need to optimize your metadata: put your keyword into the title, to your description, and tags to make sure that you will be found under this search term.

2. Collaborations: Working with other channel owners in your field is a win-win situation because everyone gains subscribers and views. Moreover, both audiences are already interested in the topic.
How do you collaborate? You create two videos: one for your channel and one for another creator (you should be in both videos). Just make sure to ask viewers to check out other video and subscribe to collaborator’s channel.

3. Own media channels: Spread your message through your website, social media, newsletter or some other channel that you have. This is exactly the right audience, so they are more likely to convert. For the blog, you could create a post right after you’ve uploaded the video (approximately in the first 24 hours) as it will boost organic views on YouTube. On the website, you can have a link to your YouTube channel.

4. YouTube ads: YouTube ads are the display ads that you can see in front of every video. Make sure to create a special video for these ads, don’t use one of your regular videos. The reason is that your “normal” videos would get really short watch time and that can kill your organic growth on YouTube. Therefore, it is advisable to create a special trailer or use your channel trailer telling people who you are, what your channel is about, and why they should consider subscribing.

5. Facebook ads: Facebook is usually better at targeting your audience than YouTube itself. It also counts as an external click, and YouTube likes external clicks. Therefore, if you boost your regular videos with an ad on Facebook or on Instagram within the first 24 hours after uploading, it could increase your organic views on YouTube.

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Tubics is a video marketing software that helps businesses and YouTube creators to rank their videos better on search engines like YouTube and Google. This works in a similar way to search engine optimization (SEO) for websites, but just for YouTube videos. Users receive concrete suggestions for optimizing their videos and can implement them directly in the software.

Why tubics? Companies and creators invest a lot of money and time in their YouTube channels. Yet many are struggling with low video views. Better video metadata helps to make the video easier to find and thus reach more viewers.

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