6 Stages of sales funnel explained 2022 | Dr. Akshay Seth

6 stages of the sales funnel are properly explained by Dr Akshay Seth for a better understanding of the same. A sales funnel is the process prospects go through to become a customer. The 6 main stages of the sales funnel are suspecting, prospecting, approach, negotiation, close and order. In this video, you’ll get a clear idea about these stages.

Sr. Partner (SIL) & Specialist – Sales Growth
MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, B.Com Hons from SRCC. Certified Executive and Life Coach from US mentoring and coaching business owners of MSMEs. Experience in Finance, Human Resources, Business Development, Marketing and Sales, Plant Construction, Plant
Management. Business leader with a track record of building business, high energy and good communication skills. Worked in smaller companies and large groups, such as Murugappa and Tata Groups, and the last 8 plus years [till December 2019] as Country Head and President of a large European MNC in the automotive industry.
Dr. Seth is a thought leader and a proven Sales Master awarded for his Sales Growth Coaching. With over 21 years of professional experience, he is known for his strategic and focused approach. He has an exemplary record of running multi-locational Strategic Sales Development interventions, L&D processes, and building organisational capability globally. A member of the advisory boards of more than 20 companies, his international exposure to Business Development Practices and Operations across multiple industries has established him as a leading and result-oriented consultant and coach in the areas of Customer Acquisition, Business Development and Sales Growth.

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