6 things you must have to sell marketing funnels for five figures

How to sell marketing funnels for five figures – 6A Funnel Business Focus Report: l

In this video I’m going to talk about the 6 core things you need to sell five figure funnels
If you’re looking to increase your prices and charge 25,000, 50,000 or more for your marketing funnel services
Or you’re want to see what’s missing from your funnel business to start attracting those five figure customers
This video is going to teach my top 6 areas that you need in your business
That I have learned from experience

6A Funnel Business Focus Report: l

You must increase your price 1: 26
You don’t need more experience 2: 04
6A Framework 2: 44
Audience 3: 06
Amount 4: 56
Assets 6: 40
Authority 8: 45
Attention 11: 35
Action 13: 26
Summary 14: 54

6A Funnel Business Focus Report: l

Cliff notes
Increasing your prices is a must
but is it as easy as just adding a zero onto your pricing?
if you want to increase your prices, you need to be able to justify that price
and of course it’s critical that you know what you’re missing in order to start charging five figure

I have a lot of funnel builders tell me that they don’t have enough experience to sell a funnel for five figures
that’s absolute nonsense and isn’t the reason you’re not finding 5 figure customers
there are 6 other areas of your business to work on
even if you’re just getting started, you can absolutely focus on these areas to increase and justify your prices

I call this my 6A Framework
I use it to check if a funnel business can justify a higher price

6A Funnel Business Focus Report: l

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● Desk mic: 8
● Tripod I use: d

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