6 Tips for Improving Your Landing Pages: Testing Ideas for Landing Pages

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You’re driving all this traffic, you’re doing all this testing on your emails and display ads but it’s all driving to one place for an action to take place. That place is your landing page. Out of all the testing, landing page testing is the most critical to your campaign’s success. Conversions take place on the landing page and that is often the KPI for your campaign. If all other facets of your campaign drive to your landing page, then increasing the conversion rate there increases the conversion rate across the board.

There are 6 things you need to do to improve landing page conversions (02: 27)
-Increase the relevancy of the page to the visitor. The visitor needs to feel like that ad, email and landing page are all connected. Inconsistency can hurt conversion rates.
-Increase the clarity of the offer. Don’t make your visitor do work to find out what your page offers.
-Reduce anxiety.
-Reduce distractions. This goes along with reducing anxiety. Don’t overwhelm and distract your visitor with different offers. Stick to one clear offer and highlight only that on your landing page.
-Improve value proposition.
-Increase urgency. Why should someone complete a transaction immediately when they visit your page? Does your offer expire? Is it only available for a limited time, or for a limited amount of registrants?

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“You Should Test That” by Chris Goward

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