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You’ve most likely come across blog posts, videos or podcasts that teach you how to attract, educate and convert prospects into customers. To create a high-performing sales funnel, you need to understand the stages of the process.

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However, it takes time to build and drive qualified awareness of your business and to create a high-performing sales funnel, you need to understand the process. So here are six tips for successfully moving customers through the sales funnel.

Interview yourself
Ask yourself questions to get a better idea of what type of content you need to create to build awareness for prospective customers. When you have the answers to these interview questions, you have the makings of a buyer persona.

Build a buyer persona
Depending on your business, you may have one or 100 buyer personas. The buyer persona helps you better understand prospects and customers, and gives insights into what really drives your prospective customers to buy from you.

Pinpoint prospects’ needs
When creating content for the top of the sales funnel, your main goal is to provide content that speaks to the type of search queries that are asked at the awareness stage.

Establish your unique selling proposition
A unique selling proposition is more than just a differentiating factor between you and your competition. It’s a compelling reason that makes your prospects choose you over others.

Make answers easy to find
The last thing you want your prospects to do is become frustrated when trying to make a buying decision. For that reason alone, you want to make sure that all answers to any of their questions are easy to find on your website.

Leverage online reviews
By adding reviews directly to your website, either on a testimonial page or throughout your web pages, you’ll help convince your prospect that they need to do business with you.

You’re now equipped with the tactics and tips to build an effective sales funnel. Remember, you’ll always want to experiment and make tweaks to make sure your funnel doesn’t get stale.

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