7 of 8 Mortgage Series: How to Use Surveys in GoHighLevel CRM to Qualify Leads Automatically

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In this 8-part series, I will walk you through some cool use cases for the High Level software related to the mortgage industry.

In Part 7, I will show you how to use step-by-step surveys to qualify your leads automatically so you don’t waste time with unqualified leads. Let’s dive in.

Recently, I created a mini-training course for the mortgage community.

It’s a series of 8 videos and we will cover:

In this 8-part series we cover:

Part 1: The Real Estate Friend Maker Funnel
Part 2: Mortgage Websites & Funnels
Part 3: Using Pipelines & Automations
Part 4: Using Membership Sites for Lead Generation
Part 5: Segmenting Subscribers for Text and Emails
Part 6: Sending Bulk Email and Text Messages
Part 7: How to Use Surveys to Quality Leads Automatically
Part 8: Entire Mortgage Machines Ready to Go

NOTE 1: MarketChief is our done-for-you brand where we use High Level to implement marketing automation into our client’s businesses quickly.

If you’re a small business owner you may want to consider using MarketChief to help you get everything built out for you.

If you’re an agency, you’re better off taking a free trial of High Level using the link above and allowing me to help you use the GoHighLevel CRM to increase your agency topline revenue.

NOTE 2: In these videos, we were still using the old way of Campaigns and Triggers because Workflows weren’t a thing yet. You can achieve the same with only Workflows now inside High Level so it’s much easier.

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