7 Valuable Landing Page Hacks to DOUBLE Your Sales

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I wanted to do something fun in which we take a look at landing pages that you guys are familiar with, and I critique ’em, because if these are the landing pages that you guys are driving traffic to, whether you’re creating your own offers or you’re driving traffic to other people’s offers, you can then end up giving them these tips to boost the conversions, because if the landing pages convert better, what does that mean?

So, my first tip for you guys and some of you guys have seen this, some of you haven’t, is to engage your visitors first, right? You can quiz ’em. I used to have a nutrition site called Nutrition Secrets, and we would quiz people when we would wanna collect leads, because when we told people to buy our products or opt-in for a lead form and we would have a sales rep call ’em to, let’s say, lose weight or whatever it may be and go for some personal coaching, we found that, hey, people just don’t like opting in. But if you make it customized to them, let’s say you quiz ’em, I’m a man, I’m a woman, it’s more personalized, right?

Number two, don’t use an exit popup. You’ve seen people talk about exit popups before, but I’m gonna show you something a bit more unique. You’re lucky if three out of 100 people buy. Sometimes you guys get more, sometimes less. But in most cases, most people don’t buy. So why not collect leads right when people are about to bounce? On a desktop, what I did was I created an exit popup, but I made my background of the exit popup a gif. You guys are familiar with gifs, those images that move, and I showed ’em in that gif what they would be putting in their name and email for. My conversions went through the roof. The copy stayed the same, but just by adding a silly little gif, I increased my email collection rate by 42%.

This is for a site that teaches you how to grow your wealth, and it says, how rich are you ready to be? So, the slider is dollar signs, and like, I’m on my iPhone, and I know the screenshot’s ghetto. I’m too cheap to buy a nice iPhone. I still have the five. And you have to slide it all the way with dollar signs, and once it goes to the end, you can click the button. That little, simple trick accounts for 16% of the leads. Like, just think about it.

Now, let’s go over the next landing page. Have you guys all heard of Babel, the company where you do translations, you learn different languages? Their landing page, they like using blog posts. A ton of you affiliates.

If you like this video, like, comment, share. I do appreciate it, and if I can ever do anything to help you out, genuinely, even if it’s, you know, giving you some advice, I don’t care for the money. Just leave a comment below, and I will do my best to try to help you out and answer all your questions. Thank you for watching.

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