8 Questions That Will Help You Fix Your Sales Funnel

You’ve put a lot of work into your sales funnel strategy — learning how to build a sales funnel, putting everything together, and waiting for the leads to come in. But nothing happens. All you’re hearing are crickets.

So, what’s wrong with your sales funnel? These 8 questions will help you figure out the answer.

00: 00 – Start
00: 21 – Where Is The Problem?
01: 30 – Why Is The Sales Funnel Broken?
01: 58 – Is It About Yourself Or Your Prospects?
02: 37 – Does My Sales Funnel Have One Goal?
03: 16 – Can People See The Why?
04: 15 – Do People Know What They Need To Do On The Page?
05: 22 – Are The Visuals Connected To the Messaging?
06: 37 – Is Your Page Speaking To Your Customers’ Stage Of Awareness?


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