8. Sales Funnel management

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The Application is supports your sales funnel from top to bottom. The goal is to put as many prospects and existing clients on the top, and be as efficient as possible to reframe as many as possible and start the MSP 2.0 services.

There are three different stages in the funnel.

The first is the “GET Clients” stage. This process is about getting new clients on board the reframing discussion.
The second is the “KEEP clients” stage. This is about the reframing itself.
The third is the “GROW with clients” stage. This is about how we grow with the client step by step.

The application package has several features for every step. Check the substeps one-by-one and highlight the tools you can use.

Let’s see the GET Client stage first.
The first goal is to find prospects. That means you have to get leads from somewhere. You can use the inbound marketing functions for that. You can use your custom self-registering URL in email campaigns, on your website, shares in social media, build up referral partnerships, affiliates, or you can use your clients to refer this service to their social network. Also there is a built-in viral engine to let your clients share your landing page through their social networks. Plenty of options to get your prospects to the landing page.

The second goal is the signing-up of the prospects. We are offering a landing page for that with an explainer video, testimonials, report benchmarks, process description and other benefits of the workshop with your services. So your prospects can sign up and start the process. Also you can invite prospects personally from the application creating the credentials and sending invitation.

The third goal is to start the questionnaire. Although the prospects have landing pages and great messages, or receive a direct invitation, it is a hard fight to get 10-15 minutes of attention of their precious time. For that, we offer an email sequence to nudge them which they can get to their mailboxes. This sequence is a motivating, educating process. The sequence is based on their behavior pattern, like if they signed up already, it does not send mail about that, so it’s not spammy.

The fourth goal is to finish the questionnaire. They maybe start the questionnaire, but get interrupted, distracted. So we can nudge them to finish the questionnaire, with email sequences, or you can even go and see the missing pieces, and decide what to do. In the education materials we highlight strategies to get them to finish the questionnaire. After they finish, you get the notification, and there is a built-in tool to fix appointments for you or for the consultants. This helps you get rid of the additional organizing.

Regarding the whole GET Client process, we defined the inside sales role in the software. You can have an individual who is responsible for shipping the needed filled out questionnaires to you, or to your consultative sales force. You can set targets for him/her, and you can find the job description, work processes of them in the education section.

Secondly, let’s see the KEEP Client stage.

The first goal here is to prepare the report in the report module. Here you can see the big picture and drill down to the questionnaire in the context of the 7 building blocks. You can highlight the building blocks, the questions and the options as well as a remark for the conversation. If you need more insights, you can put comments as well next to the elements. These comments can be shown on the client phase report, and it can be shown only on your facilitator’s report. Moreover you can save your typical comments one-by-one, so you can have predefined comments in time. You can have in-context hints and tips for each element putting all the best practices into the system. This means if you want to see what questions you should ask, or what the typical stories are, that you can tell on the different areas, you have a lot of resources. You can use the benchmark capability of the software to put meaningful comparison next to their scores. Also you can generate the report from here and print or save for the workshop.

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