9 Biggest SaaS Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2021 from a Silicon Valley Marketing Executive & MBA

Welcome to Dekker Fraser and today’s video is about 9 Biggest SaaS Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2021 from a Silicon Valley Marketing Executive & MBA, Everything You Need to Know About Saas Marketing.

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SaaS marketing strategies are not easy to develop. Most traditional companies can achieve steady business growth by following traditional methods, but SaaS brands follow a very different business model — and they need very different digital marketing strategies and marketing campaigns to match. In today’s video, you’re going to know about how to avoid saas marketing mistakes, saas startups mistakes, why saas companies fail.
There’s no doubt about it: When you’re marketing your SaaS application, it’s hard to ensure you’re ticking all the boxes and covering yourself from all angles. By this, I mean making sure you’re investing your time and resource in the right places and not overlooking the little mistakes that are going to set you back while only focusing on the larger aspects.
It’s hard work, especially if you’re a startup without experience as a marketer. However, to help you along the way, today we’re going to explore the nine key SaaS marketing mistakes you need to avoid at all costs if you want your efforts to be successful.

Here is the 9 Biggest SaaS Marketing Mistakes in 2021:
☑️Obsessing over leads and marketing qualified leads.
☑️The biggest strategic mistake that marketers make is they do not focus enough on partners and there are different types of partners.
☑️This obsession with inbound content marketing and in particular, high-level thought leadership.
☑️SaaS marketers do not distinguish between a strategic purchase and a nonstrategic purchase.
☑️The assumption that benefits matter more than features, sometimes that’s true.
☑️Brief copywriting.
☑️Not quantifying your value proposition. This is a big mistake that marketers make when they’re doing positioning with product marketing management.
☑️Deciding on a strategy before you’ve set a goal. I made this mistake before where I’m already looking at who is the target customer for this product without having the higher-level perspective of what’s the objective?
☑️The final one obsessing over tactics that barely matter and the one that I see time and time again is deciding what time of day and what day to send an email.
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