9 Tips for Building a Winning Email Marketing Funnel

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With 59% percent of consumers saying marketing emails influence their purchase decisions, it’s easy to see how important these marketing emails really are. If you haven’t set up an effective marketing funnel for your business, you’re missing out on a prime sales opportunity. Take your business’ marketing to the next level with these 9 tips for building a winning email marketing funnel.
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00: 00 Introduction
00: 36 Utilize website and social media
01: 20 Entice with a valuable offer
02: 19 Minimize requested info
02: 55 Set up automated email sequences
04: 05 Additional email: must be relevant and valuable
04: 39 Choose a platform
05: 11 Incentivize current subscribers
05: 47 Track performance
06: 51 Convert subscribers to customers
07: 27 Prune email list over time
08: 24 Recap
09: 00 Subscribe to Jotform

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