A Chevy Bolt Police car?! And more…

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Now, onto the headlines:

Tesla is finally releasing Full Self Driving to the general public–but only if you have a perfect safety score.
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Continuing in Tesla news, Tesla announces a new drink called Gigabeer.
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The First Berlin-made Teslas could roll off the assembly line next month.
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The impending arrival of German-made Teslas comes at the heels of an another incredible milestone: The Tesla Model 3 outsells the Audi A4, BMW 3 Series, and Mercedes C Class–combined–in their home country.
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Now for some non-Tesla news, Rivian joins the ranks of E V makers who also want to make their own batteries.
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I’m excited to see this: North Carolina has added a Chevy Bolt the their police car fleet.
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Ending the day with a little bit of feel-good news: the automotive line that used to make gas-gulping Hummers is now making electric vans.
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Oh, one more thing, my favorite three-wheeled car was recently featured on Jay Leno’s Garage!
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