Achieving Medical Cost Savings Together

This webinar was presented by Rob Heller, John Kulp and Sean Ireland, all with Brown & Brown Insurance, and was informational only and not for credit.

The cost of health insurance has been increasing year after year with no end in sight. Fueled by skyrocketing prescription drug prices and rising facility fees, these services have become a large portion of a group’s overall cost. Employers haven’t had a way to bend this curve back in their favor. Until now.

On this webinar, attendees learned how the Health Insurance program through Brown & Brown of PA can potentially save organizations a significant amount of money, both now and for years to come. They showed how their innovative, proprietary programs immediately target high cost items and provide real-life examples of savings.

Along with this, they also explained how banding PHCA businesses together in these programs will provide risk mitigation and more stable rating for the long term.

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