ActiveCampaign Automation Tutorial And ClickFunnels Integration

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So let’s set up your first automation in activecampaign so you can start sending automated emails to your subscribers. First make sure you register for activecampaign. You can start completely free 👉

Then you want to copy and paste my automation that I’ve created for you:
Follow the step by step instructions in the video so you get my automation with click of a button.

After automation is imported you want to integrate it with your clickfunnels account. Follow the instructions to see how its done. Afterwards make sure you edit all information inside the information so it matches your offer and brand.

Congratulations you just set up your very first automation and you can start growing your email list. Remember email list is your biggest asset in business and you want to treat it that way.

In case you missed the previous video how to integrate and connect ActiveCampaign to ClickFunnels you can watch it here:

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