Activecampaign Landing Pages | An Easy Way To Grow Your Email List

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In this tutorial I show you how to use and build ActiveCampaign Landing Pages to generate leads to grow your emails list. One of the main issues with ActiveCampaign Pages is that the integration to send leads from ActiveCampaign forms into ActiveCampaign lists is a challenge. I show you how this works to avoid the confusion.

Theoretically, you can build a whole sales funnel in ActiveCampaign, however there are a few ingredients that the builder lacks.

00: 00 Lets’ Go
00: 12 History
01: 13 Page Settings
03: 06 Add Custom Tracking Code
04: 03 Landing Page design
05: 55 Forms
06: 55 How to Integrate Pages to Your Email List
08: 01 Connecting To An Automation
10: 02 Publishing The Page
10: 58 Set a custom Domains
11: 35 Embedded Forms
13: 16 Marketing Funnels
14: 42 Unpublish Your Page

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