Add a ClickFunnels Landing Page Background Image Carousel In Just A Few Steps

This video will show CickFunnels users how to add a background image carousel (or image slider) in just a few simple steps.

We’re including the EXACT code snippets that you can copy and paste into your ClickFunnels dashboard to be up and running in just a few minutes!

Typically simple landing pages convert better, but for some luxury items and real estate landing pages a background image carousel can add a nice touch.

If you’re going to use this in your landing page, definitely split test vs a static background image to see which converts better.

Other things to keep in mind:
– Optimize your image size and quality
– Don’t go crazy on how many images you use.
– Make sure to use https:// for the image. http:// will through a security warning (not the best for conversions hehe) because ClickFunnels pages secured pages.
– Test, test, test

You can see the full writeup and code samples here:

If you have never used ClickFunnels, I highly recommend that you give their FREE trial a go…I’m confident that if you put it to work for you your conversions will increase significantly! Go get it now!

(please note this is an affiliate link. If you use this link, I’ll earn a small commission at NO cost to you. Please note, I never recommend anything that I don’t personally use and stand behind. If you choose not to use this link, no hard feelings 😉

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