Advanced Marketing Funnel Tactic That Works Right Now

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Advanced Marketing Funnel Tactic That Works Right Now

This strategy we developed based on a test that I’m running for one of my larger clients and what they have is landing pages where they had navigation in the header, which is pretty typical landing page design. And so what we wanted to do is see how the effect of removing those links from the header navigation would have on the actual conversion of the site. And so all we did was simply remove the navigation bar along with all the links on the page. We made no other changes to the page, and we were able to increase the sales across multiple sites that they owned in different niche markets by anywhere from 25-45%. If you want to get some extra sales out of your marketing funnel without having to do much work, if you’ve got header navigation, test removing that from your page and you expect to see an increase in sales.

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