Affiliate Marketing Funnel: Powerful But Easy Sales Funnel Template Anyone Can Make

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Today you’re going to learn how to build an affiliate marketing funnel.

Use this powerful sales funnel template to build your own affiliate marketing business that generates passive income all year round.

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Learn from my newbie mistakes: 0: 24
The missing ingredient: 2: 35
Would you like me to make a video about choosing offers?: 4: 10
Affiliate marketing funnel overview: 4: 35
The only 2 pages you need: 4: 56
The secret equation that creates profit: 5: 11
It starts with the right traffic: 6: 16
3 elements of profitable content: 7: 20
1 asset you need for longterm profit: 8: 46
The single page to convert strangers into customers: 9: 25
How to make sure your email list stays profitable: 9: 56
How to get affiliate sales immediately: 11: 08
The simple trick to increasing conversions: 12: 38
The email sequence that’s proven to get sales: 14: 52
How to guarantee you generate profit month after month: 18: 33
Build a passive income machine: 22: 28

You’ll see the affiliate marketing funnel overview, so you can see the big picture and it’s more simple thank you think.

You’ll learn about the only 2 pages you really need to make, so you can start making affiliate profit quickly.

Discover the secret equation that creates profit and when you do this, affiliate sales will happen automatically

I’ll tell you about the number 1 mistakes all affiliate marketing newbies make and if stop doing this you’ll start making money.

We’ll discuss traffic generation and you’ll learn how to get a traffic strategy that’s proven to work with this affiliate marketing funnel.

You’ll learn the right way to use content and the 3 things your content needs to do so you can profit from it.

You’ll see what the number 1 asset is, and why you need for longterm profit. This is so you can build a sustainable business that continues to grow.

You’ll learn how to use a single page to convert strangers into customers so you can make money from the moment you launch.

And how to make sure your email list stays profitable so you’re only emailing real people who are ready to buy.

You’ll discover the simple trick to increasing sales immediately, so you give customers a reason to buy now.

Use the email sequence that’s proven to get sales so you know exactly what to email and when.

And then you’ll know how to virtually guarantee to generate profit month after month, so you make a comfortable lifestyle for years to come with this affiliate marketing funnel.

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